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Shannon Godelie |

People using the term, solar generator, are most often talking about portable solar setups with a specialized battery system attached. These systems use solar panels to harness the sun’s energy and then store that energy in a portable storage system for later use. There are generally two components of the solar generator system. Solar panels, which are used to capture the energy and a battery or something that will store that energy.

Unlike gas or diesel generators, solar generators are quiet, low maintenance, and you don’t need to lug around dangerous or messy fuel – not to mention that you don’t need to buy sunlight! A solar power station can also sit and stay in storage for a long period of time and still work without needing any maintenance. 

Solar generators are the perfect power station to take camping or on a long road trip. They require little knowledge to operate and can keep your devices fully charged–even off the grid. 

Now that isn’t saying that solar generators don’t have their own drawbacks. Unlike other generators that can work on demand, solar power sources can take a while to recharge and have a limited energy capacity. Obviously, you need sunlight in order to convert solar energy into electricity. This requires users to keep an eye on the charge and to be diligent about moving the solar panels to capture the amount of sunlight they will need.

Will A Solar Generator Fit Your Needs?

It all depends on what your energy consumption will look like and what’s important to you. Traditional solar systems require a higher upfront cost. There are varying capacities and it would be best to evaluate exactly what you will want out of your solar power station.

While a solar-powered generator setup may not be the right solution to power a whole home or property, it can be useful for boats, RVs, or as an emergency backup if your power goes out. 

These devices can be charged at home and then thrown in your car to have power for the whole weekend. This application of a power station is best to keep a portable fridge running, charge an e-bike, power a fan at your campsite, and juice up your phone or cameras. 

If you are looking for a longer-term setup, it’ll take more panels and multiple batteries to store the appropriate amount of energy you’ll need for a sustained period of time. 


A portable power station, or solar generator, works great for avid campers, nomad dwellers, or people who simply don’t want to have to deal with the fine details of electricity. Given their portability and intuitive operation, solar generators offer a unique energy solution for those people on the move who need some extra electricity. The cost will be more expensive than building your own solar setup, but the value of convenience is worth it to most. 

A larger power station setup will be adequate for running a small refrigerator, vent fan, and charging small electronics. Smaller power station setups will work well for keeping phones, cameras, and laptops charged.

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