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Dylan Pedro |

Portable solar panels allow you to generate solar energy to provide clean power whenever you’re on the go. Even if being out in the middle of nowhere is not your thing, there are still advantages to having a solar kit. For example, at campgrounds that do not offer power or where they meter your power consumption and charge you for it. With a solar kit, you will be able to use less of their power and make your own to offset the monthly costs of the electricity bill. Plus, you won't be completely reliant on their power source. 


Portable solar panels can adapt to different functions or activities. For instance, a solar panel is useful in a fixed position as well as for mobile use. Portable solar panels allow you the flexibility to park and roam about however you like all while knowing that you have a readily available power source when you need it. 

Depending on what your needs are, there are a variety of sizes available and storage solutions to best suit your lifestyle. 

Portable solar panels are great for activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and the likes. Typically, these portable solar panels work alongside portable solar generators. They are used to charge solar generators for backup power.

Amazingly, renewable solar energy is not restricted to any particular location. The beauty of solar energy is its availability all over the world.


Portable solar panels are not reliable, and they are unable to meet the standard electricity demand. Majorly, this is because they depend on a lot of driving factors. For instance, when there are adverse weather conditions, they will be less reliable.

Ultimately, solar panels are most useful anywhere where direct sunlight is available but can withstand some rain, unlike other power sources. In most cases, these panels can be folded and fit easily into your backpack; ready to be deployed when your devices need that extra boost. 


Most portable solar panels are not ideal for fixed use. They are designed for someone using them on the go. Mobile use of portable solar panels can be used to power/charge small electronics like smartphones and lights.

Fixed use mainly deals with portable solar panels on rooftops of homes and buildings as well as on top of vehicles. Using solar panels for these purposes usually involves combining the solar panels with a battery and other elements to make a full-fledged portable power system.

Obviously, portable solar panels are made to be portable! They need to be easy to carry and durable enough to survive any kind of adventure. These are the perfect way to keep the experience going without worrying about draining your devices or gear. 

Portable energy sources are designed to enhance and prolong your experience! It doesn’t just have to be in the backcountry or off the grid. They are perfect for road trips, long days at the amusement park, or just as a backup in case of emergencies. 

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