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Dylan Pedro |

What is the best portable power station?

If you require a backup for emergencies or want to keep your equipment running on a job site or an extended camping trip, the Rocksolar is the best portable power station. We have a variety of models to suit your needs. 

How long will Rocksolar Weekender last? 

The ROCKSOLAR Weekender is a small, yet powerful 80W portable power station. It weighs 1.9lbs, yet has a large 24000mAh lithium battery with a 88Wh battery capacity. The duration of the power station depends on the devices you are charging. If you are running a few LED lights say 3W to 7W camping USB LED's then it would last the full weekend. This perfect day-tripping companion is best for charging electronics like cell phones, cameras,  laptops and drones.

How long will a portable power station last?

The lifespan of a portable power station is determined by how well it is taken care of and how frequently it is utilised. Every time you utilise the product from a full charge to a dead charge, you complete a cycle. If you use your portable power station a few times a week, you may only have it for a couple of years. However, if you use it seldomly, it may last for decades.

How long does a 300 watt power station last?

Rocksolar Utility 300W Portable Power Station uses a lithium-ion battery at its core. It has a life cycle of 1000+ and comes with 2*AC 110V Pure Sine Wave output capable of 300W peak 500W power outputs. This power is enough to run a mini fridge, car kits, including lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, vacuums, and more. It's also great for a remote workstation as it can charge your phone up to 24 times and a laptop up to 6 times.

What can you run on a portable power station?

Power stations are able to provide more capacity and outlets than power banks, which usually have just USB ports. Portable power stations can be used for things that would normally be plugged into a wall or car outlet since they have enough juice to keep large items running for hours and deliver a large amount of power. You can run small electronics to large appliances based on the battery power of the power station.

What is the best source for power outages?

Portable power stations aren't just really big battery packs; they provide a lot more than that. You can charge your devices or keep a mini-fridge running during a power outage, for example, or light a room by powering a lamp. A backyard movie night might be made a lot more convenient with the help of a projector and speakers, for example, or a camping trip might be more comfortable.

What is the difference between a generator and a portable power station?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that portable generators and portable power stations are the same thing. Even though they sound similar at first, they are in fact very different, and serve unique purposes. A portable generator converts a variety of energies into electrical energy, whereas a portable power station is a rechargeable battery-operated power source that is large enough to power a house or camping site. 

How do you use a portable power station for your house?

Portable power stations use a rechargeable battery to power electronics. These devices are similar to power banks but have a higher output power and AC (wall) outlets so they can power a wider range of items, including phones and household appliances. Lighter models can be taken camping, and bigger models can serve as backup power during outages. 

How much power can a portable solar panel generate? 

The capacity of a portable solar panel to produce power is determined by three things: 1) efficiency, 2) panel size, and 3) the quantity of light that it receives. The ROCKSOLAR portable power station begins at 80W and goes up to 400W.

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