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ROCKSOLAR Can Equip You with All the Portable Power Stations You Could Ever Need

ROCKSOLAR Can Equip You with All the Portable Power Stations You Could Ever Need

Shannon Godelie |

Excessive heat warnings and a turn towards the great outdoors have led many people to look for a portable power solution. And, so, this is how ROCKSOLAR was born. But today, ROCKSOLAR isn't just for outdoor enthusiasts and those experiencing a state of emergency. Instead, ROCKSOLAR has become a powerful backup source of energy, helping to power everything from life-saving medical devices to outdoor entertainment. Find out for yourself why ROCKSOLAR's portable power sources continue to attract an ever-growing audience of devoted customers today!

ROCKSOLAR has quickly become a leader in off-grid power sources, bringing new energy to outdoor adventures, paving the way for at-home medical care, lending a helping hand to communities hit by disaster, and helping to create a clean and efficient portable power source that's convenient and easy to use, whether you're at home... or on the open road.

What started as a highly efficient camping accessory has led to a rising trend of power-full energy favorited among folks of all ages and from every walk of life. ROCKSOLAR offers compact power-generating solutions that allow its users to power up from virtually anywhere on the planet. With portable 80-watt power stations that start at a weight of just 2 pounds, you can wave goodbye to the bulky heavy metal generators of yesteryear. These new lightweight power sources can reach a whopping 400 watts and without weighing an ounce over eleven pounds. Now, that's what we mean by lightweight!

solar panel

It's not only the super lightweight of ROCKSOLAR's Lightweight Portable Power Stations that make them the most convenient source of power possible. ROCKSOLAR Foldable Solar Panels are easy to store in even the smallest of spaces. But, despite being compact enough to slip under your bed, these small but mighty power-generating machines can hold a charge for up to six months! With ROCKSOLAR's long-lasting dependability, you can feel confident that you'll have power whenever you might need it.

Last but not least, ROCKSOLAR makes certain that charging up won't wear you down. When it comes to maintaining the power of your portable energy station, you've got options. Whether you use a solar panel, the included AC wall charger, or choose to charge with your included in-vehicle adapter, keeping the power on has never been so simple. Once you experience the ease and portability of ROCKSOLAR, you'll be hooked. Visit ROCKSOLAR online to learn more about the hottest new sensation in portable power today!


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